Creating Back-of-the-Book Indexes

About Indexing and Indexes,  by Kari Kells

Alphabetizing an Index
, by Fred Brown

Author-created Indexes vs. Third-party Professional Indexes, by Seth Maslin

Awards for Indexing: the Wheatley Medal [Society of Indexers]

A to Z: The Newsletter of STC’s Indexing SIG

Berghahn Books: House Style Sheet -- American English -- A Guide for Authors, Editors, and Copyeditors

Cambridge University Press Indexing Guidelines

Can't the Index be Written by a Computer?, by Martha Osgood

Choosing Index Styles, by Kari Kells

Company Technical Indexing Guidelines, by Jan Wright [PDF document]

Cookbook Indexing: Not as Easy as ABC, by Rose Grant

Cookbook section of Indexing from A to Z, by Hans Wellisch

Cross-References: Beyond the Usual, by David K. Reame

The Culinary Guild of New England, Indexing: An Entry, by Elizabeth Parson 

Curing the Over-Indexing Blues, by Dawn Spencer [from Suite 101]

Does Your Document Need an Index?, by Kari Kells

Editing Indexes, by Fred Brown

Editing Indexes Written by Non-indexers, by Kari Kells

Editing Your Index: A Guide for Project Managers, by Janis Paris          

Embedded vs. Stand-alone Indexes, by Fred Brown

An Encounter with Julia Child (Diane Worden)

End of the Index, by Dawn Spencer [from Suite 101]

Estimating the Size of an Index, excerpt from Indexing Books, by Nancy Mulvany

Famous & Favorite Entries  [click on Indexing Info], by L. Pilar Wyman        

Favorite Quotes on Indexing
, by Lori Lathrop

Finding Information in Different Ways, by Fred Brown          

Formatting Indexes
, by Fred Brown   

Gathering Together, by Fred Brown

Getting Into The Pink After the Over-Indexing Blues, by Dawn Spencer [from Suite 101]

Great Indexes
, by Fred Brown

Guide for Authors by the Editors of Columbia University Press

History of Indexing

How Deep Should an Index Be?
, by Seth A. Maslin

How to Contract with a Book Indexer, or "Hi, Can You Do an Index for Me in Three Days?"
by Dan Connolly

How to Edit an Index [PDF document]

H. W. Wilson Award [American Society for Indexing]

Index. by Anonymous, by Dan Connolly   

Index Design Checklist
, by Seth A. Maslin      

Index Estimator
[pdf file], by Lori Lathrop

Index Evaluation Checklist

Index Evaluation Exercises, by Daniel A. Connolly

Index Length: Considerations and Examples, by Kari Kells     

An Index or a Concordance for Your Book? , by Daniel A. Connolly

Harvard University Press Indexing Guidelines

How do I index thee? Indexers count the ways: Part I
(Kari Kells)

How do I index thee? Indexers count the ways: Part II (Kari Kells)

Index Specifications Worksheet [from IndexEmpire], by Jean Middleton

Index Usability Test Questions (for online indexes or printed indexes), by Lori Lathrop

Indexes: A Guide to Authors Preparing Their Own Wesleyan University Press

Indexes Censured [from The Indexer]    

Indexes in Classic Cookbooks: An Analysis of the Indexes in The Joy of Cooking, 1931 - 1997, by Catherine Sassen

Indexes Praised [from The Indexer]    

IndexArts Style Preference Sheet , by Carol Darwin Deason   

, by Dawn Spencer  [from Suite 101] 

Indexing Acronyms, by Fred Brown

Indexing Chapter Excerpt from Recipes into Type, by Joan Whitman and Dolores Simon 

Indexing FAQ: Part 1, by Lori Lathrop        

Indexing FAQ: Part 2
, by Lori Lathrop

Indexing Integrated Manual Sets at Northern Telecom, by Frank Exner, Little Bear

Indexing Names, by Fred Brown

The Indexing Process, by Marilyn Joyce Rowland [click on "Articles"]

The Indexing Process--Part 1, by Dawn Spencer  [follow links for subsequent parts]  [from Suite 101]

Indexing Technical Documents: An Interview with Lori Lathrop

Indexing User Tasks, by Fred Brown

Indexing Without Page Numbers, by Seth Maslin

Key to a Better Index [from Sunriver Indexing]

The Lighter Side of Indexing. by William L. Collins

The Mysteries of Fiction Indexing

NIAS Publishing Indexing Guidelines

Never Suffer From the Over-Indexing Blues Again!, by Dawn Spencer [from Suite 101]  

Ohio State University Press Indexing Guidelines

An Overview of Indexing Methods, by Jan Wright

Oxford University Press Indexing Guidelines

Page-Breaking and Column-Breaking an Index, by Seth Maslin

Page Proofs--Part 1, by Dawn Spencer [follow links for subsequent parts] [from Suite 101]

A Piece of Cake? Cookbook Indexing — Basic Guidelines and Resources
(Cynthia D. Bertelsen)

Policy Press Indexing Guidelines

Prentice Hall Author Guide: The Index         

Preparing to Index, by Fred Brown

Process of Indeing a Book, by Martha Osgood [Back Words Indexing]

Put Your Index to the Test, by Fred Brown

Reflections on Authorship and Indexing , by Nancy C. Mulvany

Reviewing and Proofreading a Draft Index, by Seth A. Maislin       

The Second Step--Rough Draft Indexes
, by Dawn Spencer  [from Suite 101]          

"See also" Cross-references, by Fred Brown

Should Indexes Have Letter Heads?, by Seth A. Maislin

Should Authors Index Their own Books?
, from Back Words Indexing

Steps for Reviewing an Index
, by Catherine Dettmar    

Style Guidelines [from Kingsley Indexing Services]

Style Preferences [from IndexEmpire], by Jean Middleton

Subheadings, by Fred Brown  

Synonyms, by Fred Brown

Ten Common Mistakes in Indexing. by Heather Hall

Top Ten Reasons Humans Create Better Indexes Than Computers

Term Selection: Putting Humpty Dumpty Together, At Last (Sylvia Coates)

Term Selection Exercises on IndexStudents: Practice Makes Perfect (or better, at least), by Dan Connolly

Tips for Creating Great Indexes , by Lori Lathrop

Toward a Standard Measure of Index Density, by Daniel A. Connolly and Cynthia Landeen

Usability Testing at Macmillan USA, by Christine Nelsen Ryan and Sandra Henselmeier

University of Georgia Press Indexing Guidelines

University of Michigan Press Author's Guide

Value of Indexing, by Fred Brown

What Exactly is Indexing?,  by Kari Kells     

What Is Indexing?, by Dawn Spencer [from Suite 101]   

What’s Going On in Indexing?, by Nancy Mulvany

Why an Index?, by Fred Brown

Why Do I Need an Index? [from TechCom Plus -- designed for non-indexers]

Why Indexing Fails, and How to Solve It, by Ed Marshall

The World Bank Publications Style Guide